It's A Rainforest ~ new Children's Book


"It's A Rainforest" is the second children's book by the authors/lyricists, Larry Keen, RJ Pollack,   James Copacino and illustrator, Colleen Taylor.


Our wish is that you will once again enjoy the words and the music of these fine authors/lyricists/musicians.


You will be dazzled at the colorful and fanciful illustrations by Colleen Taylor, which bring the story alive. These illustrations capture the vibrant color of the Amazon Rainforest and the animals that live there.

You will be delighted to view the entire book in the YouTube video below! It's a beauty!

Their first book "The Cat, The Fiddle and Me" was launched in 2019 in the form of a hardcover which is also here on this site for purchase.


Singer, songwriter and entertainer, Larry Keen has spent a lifetime playing his special blend of folk, rock and country music from New York to LA and everywhere in between. The musical and lyrical writing team of RJ Pollack, James Copacino and Larry Keen, also known as RJ, Cino and Keener, are delighted to bring you another colorful magical and educational songbook and journey into the Amazon Rainforest.

Contact us for purchasing. The price of the book, $24.95 + $10.00 = $34.95 shipping

"A half world away, where the Jaguar's play, every night as the world spins round"

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