The Band

 Larry Keen, vocals, guitar, songwriter:
When you begin to see Larry Keen perform by singing, hearing his acoustic guitar playing & combining this with his amazing story-telling, you immediately realize that Keen is a seasoned pro.  Keen began his guitar playing as a young boy in Washington Bottom, West Virginia, a rural town along the Ohio River. 
Keen continued to play though his teen and college years at Ohio University and later at West Virginia University.  After graduation Larry followed his heart and made a decision to pursue music professionally.  An engagement at Davidson College led to a Bitter End audition for the famed “New York Coffee Circuit.” From there it was off on the road where Keen shared the spotlight with notables such as Jay Leno, Don McLean, Billy Crystal, Jim Croce, and the Chapin Brothers.
Keen spent years playing SRO crowds at colleges throughout the East and Midwest before settling in Los Angeles in 1976.   During the next 20 years Larry played the LA market, recording three records and performing at such LA music landmarks such as The Troubadour, the Bla Bla Café, The Great American Food and Beverage Company, and a 6 year stint as the “house performer” at the legendary Sagebrush Cantina.
In 1997 Keen moved to Colorado and spent  next 14 years playing with Summit County fiddle/mandolin player, Michael Fauth.  Keen, now living in Arizona, has  teamed with Bob Sheade to form The Fabulous Keen Brothers, formerly Two Lane Highway.

Larry Keen, Singer, Songwriter, Guitar

Bob Sheadekeyboards:
Born and raised in Chicago Bob's love of music started at a very young age. His early influences were The Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder and R&B artists such as Earth Wind & Fire, The Spinners and Lionel Richie.  Bob has accompanied Tony and Grammy award winning performers and his soulful, comfortable, heartfelt playing style has been lauded in bringing out the best of those he works with. In the 90's Bob's interests turned towards contemporary jazz and as part of the John Kaizer band toured the Southwest. The band charted on Billboard and the song "Stolen Moments", which Bob co-wrote with John and received regular airplay on smooth jazz stations. 
From 2000 to 2014 Bob could be regularly seen playing solo piano at various resorts and restaurants around Phoenix.  Anxiously looking to participate in a duo situation fate intervened and Bob ran into Larry Keen at a gig Larry was performing. An exchange of information led to an initial performance and shortly thereafter The Fabulous Keen Brothers, formerly Two Lane Highway was born.  Bob's diverse musical background and complete enjoyment in playing all different types of music is evident in the extensive and wide range of music on their set lists.
Bob has stated that meeting Larry has revitalized his music career and brought great joy to his life.


Bob Sheade, Keyboards